Using rosette strain gauges for fault analysis

Strain analysis pin-points potential cause of window de-laminations in service.

A client was experiencing premature de-lamination of a production window that was subject to pressure cycles in service.

Determining the cause

We advised the client of a strain gauge based solution to determine whether the de-lamination was being caused by higher strains than the Finite Element Analysis modelling had predicted.

We attended the customer’s site and installed a series of rosette strain gauges and data acquisition kit and logged data through various pressure test cycles. This strain data was used to calculate the maximum strains and principal strain direction and then compared with the FEA predictions.

Strain levels as predicted

In this instance the strain levels measured had been predicted and the root cause of the de-lamination was suspected to be caused by the lack of stiffness of the window chassis. This resulted in a further test program being undertaken looking at the window chassis assembly.

This short and rapid test set up has meant the client has been able to focussing down of the area of investigation quickly and efficiently.