Protecting commercial vehicle drivers using the latest data logging equipment

Sensor Solutions install strain and acceleration monitoring equipment to protect commercial vehicle drivers

We were recently contacted by a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer to see if we could help them solve a problem. This vehicle manufacturer had been contacted by their customers, who wanted to understand the working environment of their employees who were driving the vehicles.

They wanted to protect the health of their employees by being aware of the day to day vibrations and shocks they were might experience while doing their jobs. This information would help them make sure their employees were experiencing the best possible environment during their working day, and to reassure the employees as to the safety of their work, and protect against many kinds of liabilities. Sensor Solutions installed , strain and acceleration sensors with logging equipment on a test vehicle and then had staff on board recording while the vehicle was then taken through every conceivable driving regime on all types of road surface.

Sensor Solutions reduced the data and were then able to provide hard comprehensive information about the vibrations and shocks that drivers experience in their working environment during all driving regimes and road surfaces. This gave the manufacturer the response that their customers needed to help their business and to protect their staff during their working day.