Measuring stresses and strains experienced by a Sea rescue Boat

We have won a new contract from a leading marine rescue service to measure the stress and strains endured by their rescue boat while at sea.

We will be completely instrumenting a service rescue craft with strain gauges, sensors and accelerometers, and then installing a full data logging system.

The boat will be rigorously tested in a variety of sea states, while all shock loads, stresses, strains that the hull structure and operational equipment are subjected to are logged.

These data will be analysed to provide information to the rescue organisation, making it possible to build up a detailed stress model of the rescue craft. Such an operational load model can be used to provide a vital understanding the stresses and strains such components are likely to encounter.

This could be fed back to both proof the existing boat, and to improve future vessel design, aiming to make it safer, stronger but also more efficient, reliable, and cost effective.