How our consultancy and design process works

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  • Category: Sub-sea

We tend to provide our initial consultancy and advice to customers free of charge. To illustrate how this works: here is an example of a job in the off shore energy industry.

A customer contacted us recently who needed testing carried out on sub-sea clamps.

We talked to them about the type of testing they wanted. They weren’t able to be very specific about the tests required, so we spent some time talking them through the project. This process made clear that the goal was to provide clear proof that their clamps met all of the relevant industry standards.

Our team were then able to analyse the standards and then tell the customer ‘this is what you’ve got to be measuring, you are interested in these screw torques, bending moments, shelf segment tension and opening’ and provide information on how to instrument the clamps to obtain these data.

On the basis of the high standard and extent of the help we had given them we got the order to carry out the all of the strain gauge instrumentation, putting on gauges, wiring, acquiring the data. We then discussed the data with the customer to make sure they had all the necessary information for all of the relevant standards.

We work as consulting engineers, staying involved with our customers right through the testing process, specifying as necessary, designing custom sensors and installations if needed, producing reports and providing training.