New strain gauge installation for well head riser system

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  • Category: Sub-sea

The success of our previous deep sea oil installation life monitoring system has now won Sensor Solutions a contract to provide sub-sea data loggers to monitor an entire well head riser and umbilical landing string system.

This will mean that Sensor Solutions will be using strain gauges to instrument the riser, XT, the BOP along with the upper and lower tension joints as part of an integrated system.

Strain Gauge Design

The complexity of the strain gauge installations and the extreme environments that the systems will be required to operate in mean we have to design strain gauges and bespoke data loggers specifically for this application.

These strain gauges will be capturing structural, environmental and fatigue data about loads on the structure for later processing and analysis.

This information will provide environmental verification of the customer’s stack fatigue model. This will enable fatigue management as part of the system design, as part of their philosophy of total system integration.

This work will contribute to greater safety, reliability and efficiency of the whole oil well head and riser.