Strain Gauge Installation Services

Our strain gauge installation service can be tailored to meet any requirement, we can carry out an installation for existing instrumentation or we can design bespoke instrumentation and provide a technician to operate the instrumentation and collect the data. We can install a strain gauge in-house or on-site and all our technicians are trained to comply with the British Society of Strain Measurement installation standards.

We deal with the offshore, oil and renewable industries; installing life monitoring and strain gauge instrumentation into wind turbine towers, wave generators and oil rig connector pipes. Commonly we design the data acquisition instrumentation for these industries as the sensors have to be installed in harsh environments, usually attached to deep sea vessels that travel down to the bottom of the sea. The vessel then energises the sensors, takes the analogue data, digitises it and stores it while transferring the data to real-time monitoring through a hard wire up to a rig.