Stress Analysis & Strain Gauge Training

Do you need to equip your staff with specialist strain measurement skills?

A close up of a pad and pen resting on a laptop keyboard.We offer foundation courses in line with the British Society of Strain Measurement standards in fundamental strain gauge instrumentation; how to select, mount, wire and all the associated trade skills.

Courses can be tailored for specific fields, for example you may come to us with a product that you have a problem with that needs some analysis. We would install sensors, wire them into our provider data logger, do the data collection, present you with the data and then take you through the data analysis. As the course progresses you would take on more and more of the role so eventually we would only be taking care of the strain gauge installation.

If your testing requirement increased over time and the solution became too costly then we could offer you the option of training your own technicians to deal with the installation. In this case we would provide a fundamental, hands-on strain gauge course. You would then be able to undertake the strain gauge installation and we would be available to provide support and advice where needed.

Once your core staff are trained to our high standards, our temporary staff are available to integrate seamlessly into your teams to provide the much needed capacity to cover those busy periods.