Strain gauge installation on a test prototype

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  • Category: Aerospace

We have recently worked with an Aerospace manufacturer on a specialist project; a strain gauge installation for structural monitoring and integrity testing of a prototype aerofoil component, an outboard flap. The manufacturer had a proposed design for a new upgraded flap, but before it could get anywhere near being placed in production for […]

Using rosette strain gauges with data acquisition for fault analysis

Strain analysis pin-points potential cause of window de-laminations in service. A client was experiencing premature de-lamination of a production window that was subject to pressure cycles in service. Determining the cause We advised the client of a strain gauge based solution to determine whether the de-lamination was being caused by higher strains than the Finite […]

Integrity Testing Services for a Satellite Fuel Tank

As part of our expanding Aerospace portfolio, we recently carried out strain gauge instrumentation of a forged titanium satellite fuel tank in preparation for a static test. Sensor Solutions recorded the installed instrumentation on the tank as it was taken […]

Composite aircraft de-icing: revolutionary new sensor design

We were approached by a customer who needed a temperature sensor that could be incorporated into a modern composite aircraft structure. In the old days when aircraft were built with metal structures the designers were able to bleed engine air through the wings, the metal would heat up and […]