Working in the automotive industry

Coach with a technician kneeling by the front wheelWe have many years experience working in the automotive industry, providing strain gauge installation, data acquisitionand load monitoring for both test and measurement applications.
We have provided everything from field testing on heavy plant, to measuring stresses, strains and vibrations within an engine so that the power unit structure and components can be optimized for the highest possible performance and unit life.

Case Study: Internal Combustion Engine Development

An automotive engine supplier contacted us recently who wanted to take measurements inside a running engine; they were interested in analyzing valve gear performance and harmonics within the valve gear.

We gave them an initial free consultancy, talking to them about how the measurements could be done, how they would modify rockers to attach sensors and how to instrument the springs, put gauges on the valve guides, and on the liner positioners. We also looked through F1 element analysis with them, and gave them our perspective on how to get the required measurements from those structures.

IC engine  crank segment being instrumented with gaugesThe company was so impressed by the depth of our engineering knowledge demonstrated by this initial consultancy that they gave us the job. The company modified the components to suit the application, after discussion with us. We then instrumented the components with strain gauges, wiring, and protective coatings ensure the instrumentation continued working in the harsh environment of the running engine.

Once the components were instrumented, they were returned to the customer who then used them in the build of a test engine which was run through a series of test cycles.
We don’t charge for an initial consultancy such as this, as we like to build a long term relationship with the customer. Now with this customer, if they have a problem in an engine then they will come back to Sensor Solutions.

Our Automotive Work – Task Categories

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