A technician working inside a pipeline section, attaching gauges.

The Marine industries – how we work

Sensor Solutions has worked on many marine projects in virtually every imaginable environment – from inshore, off-shore, to deep sea. We have worked across many industries – from oil to shipping; renewables to ports.

As experienced, qualified engineers we work closely with customers to interpret their requirements, and develop the most efficient, cost effective solutions.

Our approach to any application is invariably the same:

  • We ask what is the customer’s goal?
  • Are measurement and testing suitable tools to achieve the goal?
  • If they are, then we interpret the customer’s requirements.
  • We then find out what to measure and how to measure it.
  • Once defined, we design, construct and install the system.
  • If required, designing custom transducers.
  • Once installed data is collected, and if required, this raw data is delivered to the client.
  • If the data needs interpreting, we convert it to relevant information, then deliver to the client.

Technician on a gantry carrying out an installation on a large landing craft.We have applied this process to all kinds of projects: working onshore instrumenting an unloading bridge in a ferry port, to offshore energy projects; everything from turbine towers and wave generators to oil rigs and undersea connector pipes.

Much of this work has had to be carried out in extreme and hostile environments, which require data acquisition systems that are robust and sophisticated. The harshness of these environments require systems that collect analogue data and digitise it in-situ, storing it for recovery by ROV, or transmitting it via cabling and an RS485 bus.

We are now working on telemetry systems to provide even more efficient data upload.

We have a down to earth approach to projects and problems made possible by in-depth engineering knowledge, many years in the industry, and experience with a vast range of different kinds of project.

Our Marine Work – Task Categories

Strain Gauge Installation

Strain Gauge Instrumentation

Structural Testing & Monitoring

Field Testing

Remote Monitoring and Data Acquisition

Fatigue Monitoring

Stress and Strain Analysis

Dynamic Load Testing

Deflection and Displacement Measuring

Measurement of In-situ and Residual Stress