Large Contract Strain Gauge & Strain Gauge Services Worldwide

Do you have on-going requirements that require major commitment from your sub-contractor?

No problem, we regularly deal with £250,000+ contracts.

We are happy to integrate with existing strain gauge teams, and have done so with major manufacturers providing instrumentation for static, fatigue and operational load measurement programs.

Our service provides total business flexibility to our customer. Our staff are familiar with a number of customer specific installation practices and can provide installation support specific to customers needs. They will integrate smoothly into the team during your busy periods, but allow you to reduce the size of the installation team as demand reduces, providing a good opportunity for cost savings whilst maintaining stringent program build schedules.


“As the launch manager responsible for the flight test installation program for the new A400M aircraft I contracted Sensor Solutions to provide a team of strain gauge engineers. This proactive team very quickly integrated with our existing team and worked to Airbus UK specific processes and procedures. Sensor Solutions have supported every aspect required of this program in a prompt, efficient and innovative manner whilst playing an integral part in supporting the most successful FTI program in Airbus UK’s history. As a result of this success, our partnership with Sensor Solutions has developed into supporting the A400M electrical installation program with a team of qualified FTI/BSSM aircraft electricians.”
Airbus UK

The graph below provides a graphic illustration of a Sensor Solutions Ltd large contract resource deployment over a typical year.

Strain Gauge Resource Graph 2008 - 2009