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A Leading Company

We are a leading strain gauge solutions company with a blue chip customer base in the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Civil Engineering and Offshore industries. We offer a full and rounded service from consultation, design through to installation. Our consultants and technicians work with the know-how of engineers so we can discuss theoretical issues while being fully aware of the practical issues that will follow, offering advice from both ends of the spectrum. We also provide all of our services on an individual basis; from free advice to installation or instrumentation design. A close up of the front of a flying Bombardier Q400

An Intelligent Strain Gauge Installation Service

Our typical client will have a product, structure or vehicle that they have a problem with, they know it needs testing but they’re not sure how to test it. They contact us and explain what they want to achieve, we would then suggest how to test it, including which instruments and sensors to use. We could then install strain gauge sensors, perform the testing, monitor the results, collect the data, analyse that data and produce detailed reports from the findings. We are able to take care of all stages of the testing process either individually or as a complete service, from selecting the correct sensors, supplying the sensors, bonding the sensors and wiring the sensors. We can install them into existing instrumentation or we can provide instrumentation along with a technician to operate the instrumentation and collect the data.

Data Acquisition

We offer instrumentation design services including the design of data acquisition systems for deep sea environments and data loggers that will perform operational load monitoring on large scale structures like bridges for example. We can analyse the data and provide an answer to an engineering problem or we can provide you with the raw data enabling you to analyse the data yourself.

Stress Analysis

Aerospace is one sector we find ourselves producing structural stress analysis solutions for again and again. Aircraft need to have structural monitoring through flight, fatigue and structural tests. Often the areas that need to be monitored for stress are inaccessible after the aircraft is built so we provide teams that go in and work alongside the manufacturer installing sensors while the aircraft is being built. We can provide operational load monitoring that will work for the next 10 – 15 years, collecting data and streaming it for predictive life monitoring.

About Our Company

Our company was established and grown by Richard Williams and Kevin Copleston; two strain instrumentation professionals with over 50 years combined experience in strain gauging and load cell technologies. Our highly trained staff have a wide and varied strain gauging and load cell skill set, and are committed to our culture of customer centred bespoke problem solving. We are ISO9001:2015 compliant and as we work across a spectrum of industries we are also accustomed to working with a wide range of engineering practices. Our history of success is centred on understanding our customers’ requirements and interests, supplying cost effective, customised solutions. Our independence from the manufacturers of strain measurement products is a key strength in the market place; enabling sourcing from a global supplier base to maximise value and functionality of services to suit any measurement application. We are a member of the British Society of Strain Measurement and our engineers and technicians are trained to comply with it’s installation standards.





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