Measuring tension load in a crash test

Automotive crash test: How to solve the problem of measuring tension load. Sensor Solutions was approached with a problem of measuring tension load in a batch of miniature bolts for an automotive crash test. A small hole was drilled into each of the bolts and a full bridge measuring […]

Field testing in the automotive industry

One of the wide range of sectors of the automotive industry we have worked is heavy plant manufacturing. Here’s an example of how we field tested transmission modifications for heavy earth moving equipment for one of our customers. To carry […]

Fatigue testing of an IC engine

An example of one the huge range of applications where strain gauges provide vital data. Our recent work on an IC engine demonstrates the enormous variety of applications where strain gauges can provide valuable information that will help improve efficiency. We have just carried out a strain gauge instrumentation of a 12 cylinder internal combustion […]

Protecting commercial vehicle drivers using the latest data logging equipment

Sensor Solutions install strain and acceleration monitoring equipment to protect commercial vehicle drivers. We were recently contacted by a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer to see if we could help them solve a problem. This vehicle manufacturer had been contacted by their customers, who wanted to understand the working environment of their employees who were driving […]